Feb. 22
Feb. 23
Feb. 24
Feb. 25
Feb. 28
March 1
-Time to work
on presentations

-Hannah + Juan
-Hanna + James
-Angelica + Tony
-Diana J + Hokyun

I Day
-Laticia +Jake
-Bodhi + Alex
-Diana V + Soyoung
-Brooke + Quinton
-Sean + Cayley
-Sarah + Russ
-Imraj + Rachel
-Ty + Adom
-Nick + Cassidy

The Givens

Presentation Criteria - Class Brainstorm

eye contact
-enthusiasm: voice, actions, be interesting, speak with passion, tone, don't be monotone
-standing posture: avoid twitching
-design and aspect: how you say, what you're saying
-stay on topic: ditto
-point form information: DON"T READ OFF THE SCREEN
-clear and loud voice: volume, don't mumble or shout
-BOTH partners have to speak!
-Use body language and facial expressions: gesture
-EFFORT: well organized and unique information
-Overall and Entertainment
-Length: don't repeat yourself
Feb 10- Class photo after discussing what an article looks like. (Feb 10, 2011)

The Beginning!
The students working away during one of our first computer classes. (Feb 8, 2011)

The Middle Ages awesome picture!

The Middle Ages

Welcome the Garibaldi authority on the Middle Ages, the Rainbow Ninja's wikipage! In the up coming weeks grade 8 humanities students will work in pairs to explore, research, and share what they've learned about 14 topics from the Middle Ages. This learning will be combined with learning 21st century skills such as: independent problem solving skills, virtual collaboration, information processing, innovative artistic designs and storytelling. The students will be learning about the past while practicing modern skills!
*Please note: A security function that prevents the students' text from being modified has been enabled, but parents, family members and of course the students are encouraged to comment on each page! That is the beauty of the wiki, virtual communication!
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