FRIDAY MARCH 11 - This is page where we're hoping to gather information and resources about what is happening in Japan. Please post any information, links, videos, resources etc that you think others would benefit from viewing.


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Natural Disaster
8.9 earthquake just hit the Japan in this morning. It's one of the most affective earthquake that ever
happened. more then 1o000 people are already dead or lost in japan . Their's some estimate that, more
people/countries will die get affected. Two Koreans, one American dead for sure.

external image tsunami_energy_map_pacific.jpeg

external image hokusai_kanagawa.jpg

Volcano explode in Japan!

"In Fukushima, building of Reactor 3 was destroyed by a hydrogen explosion"

external image japannuclearscare_20110312_050823.jpg

 Japan scrambles to avert **nuclear meltdown** as **10,000** people feard dead <-Brooke

(Ms. Kalanj)
we could get affected too !!!! external image if%20it%20melts.png