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How would i embed a game??? is this whre i post it also???? -Adom

Sure, you could post the game here. As long as its school appropriate! Try include a fine lines explaining what the game is and why you like it. (Ms. Kalanj)

so we could post a game if we wanted to right.-James

Yep! You can post cool (random) stuff on this page. Add things to your expert-wikpage when you think it relates to your topic. You control the content James! (Ms.Kalanj)

Vancouver Sun
the globe and mail by Brooke!

Hey Guys: This is the article rubric from class this morning. Look it over and let me know if you feel like anything is missing from it!

Diana - Are we going to present our wikis and do a brief verbal summary, OR do we just read it on our own time???

The Givens

Class Brainstorm

- eye contact
-enthusiasm: voice, actions, be interesting, speak with passion, tone, don't be monotone
-standing posture: avoid twitching
-design and aspect: how you say, what you're saying
-stay on topic: ditto
-point form information: DON"T READ OFF THE SCREEN
-clear and loud voice: volume, don't mumble or shout
-BOTH partners have to speak!
-Use body language and facial expressions: gesture
-EFFORT: well organized and unique information
-Overall and Entertainment
-Length: don't repeat yourself