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September 15th, 2010 Edition I

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Experts say “It was very important to be clean in medieval times to prevent disease” Although soap was expensive, cleaning yourself with water still helped prevent from skin disease. Cleaning out your home and exterminating fleas would reduce your chances of getting bitten. Local residents discover unfamiliar marks on their bodies, but experts examined them and realized that hey were bite marks of bedbugs.

Religion and Medicine

October 5th, 2010 Edition Il
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Many believed that the cause of illness was not something physical but spiritual. They believed that is
A shrine that people would commonly pilgrimage to

was a punishment sent from God to make them suffer for their sins or actions. We were given the opportunity to interview one of B.C.’s most valued researchers(who shall remained anonymous). She told us all the dirt on the relation between Medieval medicine and religion. “In order to care for illnesses people looked for herbs which were said to have special healing powers. They even pilgrimage to Holy shrines to show their commitment, faith and love to God, hoping that he might forgive their wrongdoings and cure their sickness. At these shrines it was said to be even more powerful if that shrine sold Holy water.”

Astrology and Medicine

December 21st, 2010 Edition Ill

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Another element in the many causes of illness was astrology. Astrology played and important part in many cures" spills Alex Smith an expert in historic astrology. He says that for a fever,
external image astrologers.png
"A man should be bled immediately before the moon passes through the sign of Gemini.” . Alex gives us some inside information on his latest discovery. He says that “Astrology was also useful in predicting the occurrence of plagues or fatal illnesses. Around the time when the Black Death struck, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter all sat in close position to one another, which is a sign of either a wonderful, terrible, or violent thing to come. This took place around the year 1345.”

Common Medical Practices

February 10th, 2011 Edition IV

Article By: Tony

Many places do medical practices a different way. “Medieval Chinese Doctors believed chi was vital energy flowing in the body” a Chinese doctor explained. During Black Death, blood cutting of the buboes was the most common to draw the poison. “It hurt, but aslong as it made me feel better, I had to deal with it”, said a patient that survived. Herbal Remedies are common in Europe and Islam.

Scroll down for some pictures and information about herbs and medicine.

The Black Death

March 1st, 2011 Edition V

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'The Black Death is a vicious plague that isn’t holding back until it finishes its raid. It has been said that this plague is no
The Black Death
ordinary plague, but a compound of three different types of plagues the Bubonic, Septicemic, and the Pneumonic plagues. The Black Death seems to keep dragging on. How many people will it kill? This disease was said to have started in Asia by fleas, say scientists. The scientists have lately discovered the plague is carried in the bellies of fleas. These in
A 'Black Rat'
fected fleas lived on rodents that are referred to as Black Rats. These rats are commonly found around town and on merchant ships such as those that docked and delivered the black death here. Rumor has it that by the time the boat had actually reached the docked more than half of the crew had died. Once this was discovered the towns men immediately sent the ship away but it was too late. Many rats had already escaped off the boat and were on our land. The Plague had come to us.’ Reads an old dairy of one of effected by the black plague who kept a diary of the whole thing.

Once the Black Plague had hit it was all downhill from then on. People tried to avoid contact with the sick in hopes they wouldn’t catch the disease, for those infected they became fatally ill. Those infected like my sister developed buboes that sizes ranged from and almond to an apple, buboes were usually
Buboes on the woman's neck and underarm of the man

filled with blood and pus. These nasty skin imperfections made me sick to my stomach. My sister also had chills and fevers also awful headaches, I wish I could relieve her of some of her pain. Seeing her in pain makes my hurt also. She also threw up, and suffered from constant dizziness, and commonly spat up blood. Those
who were contaminated were kept away from the healthy in order to keep the epidemic from increasing in size and casualties, also so that no one else should have to suffer this pain. I often snuck to to her side at night trying not to wake my parents. I Hated seeing her suffering and prayed constantly for her to be well once again.'

Treatment is very expensive and depends majorly on our beliefs, for example those who were more superstitious would try to cure illness with prayer and traditions, while those who blamed smells commonly used incense to make the bad smells go away. Others who
A patient being burned with an iron(cauterized)

believed the body’s four humors were to blame, made the patient bleed, sweat, and even vomit. Some people used ancient remedies such as adapted treatments from Galen. Unfortunately we don’t have that kind of money, we cant even afford soap. Many use more natural ingredients like us for curing and pain relief, such as dried toads which are put on boils and soak up poisons. More painful therapy was used for example they burned swelling with hot irons, and even sliced open with a thin sharp knife to extracted the green pus (evil vapors) from the body. I could never put my sister through that sort of pain so I’ll have to use more gentler ways. Hopefully I can find cheaper and even pleasing to the senses, cures like possibly those such as a special rub made from violets and other ingredients. Or possibly not because they tend to be priced higher and when rubbed into your wounds sting even though they are know to heal damaged tissues.’

'Finally this terrible plague has left us but unfortunately taking my innocent sister with it, and according to my parents, around one-third of the entire population. It took a mere 5 days to take my sister from me but it will take much longer for me to get over my loss. Not only I have suffered a great loss but everyone for this plague didn't only strike towns people and farms men but noble women and men in its attack. Our higher class men have been killed along with our lower class too, we have suffered a great change in how we live, for some who were in control are dead and those controlled along with them. Over the course of this Black death it has shown no mercy to weak and strong, kind and evil, child and elder, poor or rich but caused a large number of casualties. Many deaths occurred between Sicily and Russia fortunately some were completely unharmed by this disease and left to carry on with their lives while we struggled.' And his diary entrance stops there from a boy of only 13 years old and his sister of 7. This unfortunate event took place from 1347-1352.

Common Diseases

April 16th, 2011 Edition Vl

Article By: Angelica

A powerpoint on medieval health, disease, and medicine with a fun little video ->Health, Disease and Medicine

Random Facts and Pictures

Did you know there are 1000 remedies made from plants that are listed? Huh.

Lemon Balm- It is seen as a magic elixir: it heals serious illnesses
Lemon Balm- It is seen as a magic elixir: it heals serious illnesses
Marjoram- This plant was used to place on bruises and swelling
Marjoram- This plant was used to place on bruises and swelling

Feverfew- It was strong-smelling and used for headaches
Feverfew- It was strong-smelling and used for headaches

a medieval barber blood letting

Did you know that it wasn't uncommon for barbers to preform medical practices on people, for they were trained in certain things? Huh.
a barbers pole
Did you know that the red and white strips came from the medieval ages?Red is for blood and white is for bandages.Huh?

 ^Herbs used for remedies and cures for sicknesses^