The Banquet: By Sean and Cayley

In the past few days Sean and I visited a banquet. We chose five different topics to find information on. We chose clothing, to see what was a common
attire at a banquet and how they wanted to look. Food, to see what kinds of food was popular at a banquet. Table Setting, to see what cutlery they
used and why. Behavior, to see how they acted and what was proper. And entertainment, to see what entertainers were there and what the guests thought of them.
We thought the banquet was very interesting so we wrote articles on each topic. Know you can see what they were like and enjoy them as well.
By: Cayley

Clothing: By Sean

Clothing for Women: This past week I was invited to a dinner at the king’s table. When I was there I observed the clothing. There, there the style of clothing was all different depending on your wealth and your level of respect on the pyramid of the ancient times. I saw the peasants outside of the castle and working and observed their style of clothing. Mostly common peasants you wore linen undergarments, stockings and a surcoat with open sides and lots of pockets. These were the typical work clothes of a peasant in the Ancient Times. If you were wealthier and were more important in the Middle Ages, the clothing style was a lot different. Wealthy women wore lots of jewelry, fancy dresses and other things to show how wealthy they truly were. The women sitting at my table and the one across from me wore rings, necklaces, bracelets, and broaches, all made of silver, bronze or gold. The dresses were full of color and some were very large, so they were quite the eye catcher and that was what they were meant to do.
Middle Ages Clothing
Middle Ages Clothing

Clothing for Men:
The men at the dinner party who were serving us were peasants, they most commonly wore woolen tunics and stockings, with leather belts and boots. This is the style of a peasant’s clothes, and because they were peasants, their clothes had to be durable and lightweight which is what they are able to work in. The clothes had many pockets and belts which could carry tools for field work and other things for whatever job they specialize in. The Men around me and at my table wore long capes, leather boots and some wore large hats. I did not like the hats, so myself and other men wore high neck, fancy gowns with doublets and another gown like robes that ended below the waist. We wore stockings to cover our legs and tipped shoes on our feet.
The Banquet

Food: By Sean
This evening we enjoyed a buffet of delicacies, from sweets to drinks and many assorted vegetables and meats. The amount of food we ate was tremendous. The food is always prepared outside of the castle in case of a kitchen fire, and to make sure that never happens, all of the cooks are under the watchful eye of the master cook. To drink, there was wine served fresh from the kitchen which was made in a cask or barrel, there was always wine, or for others ale. The meats were cooked in cauldrons and hung on racks. Soups were cooked right beside the meat in an enormous pot. Usually they were simple soups like cabbage or tomato soup, but other more complex soup was leek soup and other stews. Over the course of the meal, we had carvers who cut the meat, Pantlers who delivered bread and butter, and an assistant that served wine and ale. The assortment of meats was amazing; they had duck, lamb, chicken, pork fish and newly hunted wild boar. Now I will describe to you the menu of the meal and all of the courses.

First Course: Boiled cod, barbecue chicken, mutton olives,
The Feast
The Feast
Second Course: trout, bread crumbs, roast beef, crayfish, and toasted bread
Third course: Roast venison, Darrioles, tarts, Blamanch (cooked rice with chicken and almonds), wine and ale.
By: Sean
Table Setting:
At the banquet, the tables were supposed to be set with the finest silver ware and the cleanest table cloth. Along the row of chairs, there were glass or pewter goblets. Trenchers and wooden bowls covered the table. The table was set in the Great Hall in the castle. The lord and lady sat in the high table overlooking the other tables. Others, who were less important guests, sat in the table below us. These tables were called sideboards. The guests i love watching porn who sat at the high table had and open container of salt for their food. Speaking of food, the guests at the high table were also served first by the pages, or the (servers). Then the food was served to the lower tables. And because the lord and lady are always most important, no matter the situation they get the most comfortable chairs in the palace.

By Sean

Behaviour: By Cayley

The guests at the banquet were very well mannered. They spoke pleasantly and never argued with each other, as they thought arguing was bad for digestion. The guests had to share their food on platters or on bread called a trencher. Or they used bread to scoop their food. If you had rotten teeth or dirty fingernails you were to avoid shared platters. People had to wash their hands before and after the meal, to avoid spreading germs. At the banquet they had a set of rules, look below to check them out:
· Don’t drink if your mouth is full
· Don’t slurp your soup
· Don’t cool your food by blowing on it
Lord at a banquet

· Don’t burp or spit
· Don’t pass gas
· Don’t scratch or pick ears
· Don’t pick out best bits for yourself
· Don’t blow nose with fingers
· Don’t return bones to a dish
· If sharing soup, take out your spoon when finished

Entertainment: By Cayley
The banquet wasn't complete until the entertainers arrived. Acrobats, Jugglers, Ministrels, Jesters and Singers entertained the guests between courses. There was a play they called an interlude. The knights like to play card games, chess and a game called merrills. Many of the knights liked to read stories. The nobles at the banquet danced after the meal for all of us to see. The jesters were also called fools. They told silly stories and like their name acted foolish with us and made jokes. The jester also tried to make the lord laugh, which I have to say was quite a site. Everyone attending the banquet was having a great time. They all laughed and cheered on the entertainers. I have to say other than the food, that was the best part.
Entertainers at a banquet

By: Cayley