The London Time1 October 1099 Edition IV


f you are wondering about where to go this summer break, or wondering where to visit in the Holy City, you should definitely consider going to Jerusalem.
It is the most important city in the Holy City. The reason for that is that Jerusalem is the place where Jesus had lived and died. Lots of pilgrims go to Jerusalem to give thanks to God, beg forgiveness for sins, and to spend a few hours there. So once you enter the city you can see the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Jerusalem is a good place to visit: to see and learn about religions. Jerusalem is not only a place for Christians but also for Muslim and Jewish people. For Muslims, Jerusalem is a place where Muhammad, founder of their religion (Islam), died. It is also the only city that fell into Islam in their whole territory. For Jews it was where their religion had started, and was the land that their God had promised. Also some of them live in Jerusalem. It is one of the places you have to visit sometime in your life time, if you are people of Europe. To go you can always join the pilgrims who are going to Jerusalem.
By: Soyoung

Purpose of Crusade
Pope Urban II

Tspeech, that was made by the Pope in front of council of Bishops and people, made people very emotional. In fact, his speech was about Jerusalem of the Holy Land where our Jesus Christ had lived and died.
The Pope had said Seljuk Turks, the Muslim ruler who took over Jerusalem, the Holy Land, was threatening and attacking our people and people from pilgrims. The Pope also talked about a plan to get Jerusalem back.
It was found out that the Pope’s speech was initiated by Alexius Commenus, the emperor of Byzantine Empire. It was said that Seljuk Turks, the ruler of the Muslims, are trying to attack Constantinople and the Alexius, emperor of Byzantine is afraid of that attack. He began to get help by asking the Pope and Lords of western Europe for help. Also wanting to get his land back.
The Pope who got a plea from the Emperor of Byzantine decided to help him. For now we can only imagine that the Pope wanted to get Jerusalem back, and wanted to stop Christians who were quarrelling on the western side.
By: Soyoung

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The Route of the first crusade.

Life on the Crusade

e ride on… with hope and victory in our heart. We are hungry and hot but we aren’t giving up. We will conquer Jerusalem.
Sir Leon Russell a reporter of The London Times joined the first crusaders in their journey to Jerusalem, to report on their victories and their troublesome days.
We started off strong covering lots of ground every day, singing songs on the way but after a few months the energy was lost, said Sir Leon. The climate and the weather were different, it was hot and dry. There were many sandy desserts on the way which the crusaders weren’t exactly expecting. It was too much to bare.
Here is a diary of a crusader less than halfway to their destination:

Dear Reader,
This trip has been harder than I thought. Our ships are sinking and our horses and mules are dying. Knights are also dying from foreign diseases and I am scared that I will be the next. Yesterday a few monks and priests joined us to bless us in our journey. I hope this helps because some Crusaders are about giving up!!!
Our food supplies started to run out and there wasn’t much water. To get food Crusaders had to hunt wild animals or steal from farms and villages to not die from starvation.
The first crusade was led by three leaders: Raymond of Toulose, Godfrey through Hungary and by Bohemend through Italy. The travel was difficult: ships sunk while crossing large rivers in Italy, horses collapsed from lack of food and water just like the Crusaders themselves. And families back home had trouble living with no men, helping with the farming and other heavy work.
Article by: Diana Vasileva
Reported by: Sir Leon Russel
Crusaders attack to recapture Jerusalem

Battle and Results

Before the crusaders reached their final destination they had several other battles. They took place in: Dorylaeum, Heraclea and Antioch. In all these places many crusaders died meaning, less warriors for the biggest fight of their lives in Jerusalem. They swept through these cities like Vikings taking all their riches including: gold, silver, horses and much more. The Crusaders took over Antioch making our imaginary score board 0-1.
In 1099, one thousand Christian knights and ten thousand on foot soldiers arrived in Jerusalem and taking the Islam by surprise and un prepared, attacked Jerusalem and conquered it for seventy-one years to come! Efforts paid off every body were happy. Mission accomplished!
Article by: Diana VasilevaSoyoungDiana