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This is a Joust
This is a Joust

This is a Joust
This is a Joust

This is a Joust
This is a Joust

These are pictures from the tournament jousting and ect...

Today we will bring you live action from the tournament because we have many fierce competitors engaged in live action. The stadium is live, people are awake and ready to see the gruesome action of the joust. For those who do not know about the joust I will give you a little info about it. It involves two brave people testing their skills and courage. The riders use a pointed tip lance similar to the ones they use in battle. The purpose for this is training and live action but this sport became popular a couple of years ago in 1250.
In 1194 the melee was legalized but melee were rough and dangerous so the Popes tried to ban them between 1130’s and 1316. But there was always a rumor spreading like a disease about how better the French fighters were. The objective of this oblivious sport was to knock the other person off their horse but there were many preparations for this event. First of all is there must be a wide open field or a open area where the horses can run. They brought in gravel to fill in pot holes and made a wall going straight through the center of the arena so the horses would not crash into each other but is was up to the top of the horses back so they would not be hit with the lance.
For more info read the page, look at pictures, watch some clips, and ENJOY!


The tournament will open. This tournament is little bit special. This time they will decorate and make it as the tournament that had once been popular in middle ages. If the cause of this tournament was for our entertainment then the cause of tournament in middle ages was to prevented wars. Than this tournament area will be smaller than before because the tournament started as simple contest and it became more complicate and expensive. The rules will be simpler than the last tournament. So the knights can show their own skills more easily and also learn more new skills than before. Crowds expect this middle-ages tournament but also some peoples are worried complain about it because it more hard to attend on the game cause of decorate and also it changes some rules so they have to know it. Like this somebody expect this tournament but somebody aren`t.
The coming tournament is being set-up .The Tournaments set-up process is really hard work and it takes a lot of time. The first thing they had to decide was the tournament area. It couldn’t be too far or too near the crowd. The organizers decided that outside of castles or towns was the most suitable. After they decide the area of the tournament they set-up many tents on level ground. The tents are used by knights when they need rest during the joust competition. The fight area where a joust is surrounded with cheerful decorated stands pavilions where the knights lived during the tournament. Outside of pavilions were hung-up the contestant’s shields. Than the first part of prepared done. The second part of preparing is the fanfare. Organizers are scouting the fanfare. Then they do a few time rehearsals. The rehearsal is simple when the fanfare of trumpets blow heralds, referees, and judges march forward and read the rules. The tournament will start at next week for 5day.


Back in the day the melee was the dangerous version of the joust. The lances they used had a pointed tip so it will go right through their opponent’s armor and kill them. They were so bad that the popes tried to ban them between 1130 and 1316 and were not successful but in 1194 they legalized them to improve fight skill because there was a rumor that the French was better fighters.

Back in the 11th century the joust was introduced and became popular around 1250. The joust had two knights mounted on the back of their horses testing skill and courage. The reason they had the joust was for training. In battle they used a pointed tip lance but for their training they used a dulled tip so they would not be killed or SEREOUSLY hurt. In a joust the two horses would run at each other with their rider ready with their lance but since they didn’t have a fence the horses would run into each other and there would be some troubles so they added a wooden fence up to the horses back so they would not run into each other and run in a straight line.


The tournament was chosen `the most enjoyable atmosphere` by crowd. Here is some reasons for why was the tournament was chosen for ‘the most enjoyable atmosphere’. First there are lots of things that attracts people. The tournament is one of the biggest stores. Horse dealers, armour makers, food sellers and many others all come to the tournament.
Enthusiastic audiences are attracted by story tellers, minstrels, acrobats and many others. During the tournament ladies come dressed in their finest clothes to cheer on their favourite knights.
There are many games you can enjoy. The most popular game is stone-throwing contest. Also you can play wrestling matches and dice games. At night, the couples eat and dance in meadows and Town Greens.
Tournament is the one of biggest festival so they prepare with big care and times. At home mothers plan their meals and get ready for the day`s activity and all peoples decorate their street as pretty as they can. Then when the tournament begins they yell, laugh, sing and enjoy it.

This Video is about a joust! This video is out of the movie a knights tail. I chose this clip because it demonstrates the actions in a joust.