Chain mail was used for protection underneath the armour. Most armour was made up of chain mail and chain mail was very flexible. Around 30, 000 links were used to make chain mail. Chain mail was very expensive depending on the type of metal that you used if you used a cheaper metal it would cost less but you risk not having as strong armour as expensive chain mail. Chain mail took a long time to make and was very tricky to make so only pros could do this job. Chain mail is still used today as protection from vicious animals, mainly sharks. Chain mail is made up of tiny metal rings.

How To Make Chainmail

Step #1

When making chain mail it is up to you on what type of wire you use but the wire needs to be strong

Step #2

This is something that you would have turned by hand in the old days.

Step #3

Now that you have wound up the rings you are going to want to cut them shown below

Once the line is cut the rings will be around 1 one centimetre across

now that you have linked 5 rings together (shown in the video above) you will have to repeat that process 6000 times! Good luck!


In the middle age, they usually used to swords or longbow.
Knights usually using 3 kinds of swords to tournament or battle.
There are slashing swords, long swords and thrusting swords.
Slashing sword used to slashing enemy. Usually knights were using this sword in the tournaments. This sword deigned very sharp cutting edges and easily to use only one hand. Long swords and thrusting sword used for battle. Long sword could be killed enemy easily. This sword became popular around 1300th years. Knights usually used to thrusting sword.
Knight’s sword often decorated gold or jewels or both of them.


Today I will take you through the wonderful and worry some world of Crossbows
  • Punctures any armour!
  • no training required
  • feared throughout middle ages
  • All crossbows had the foot loading feature
  • Very Stiff
  • Can only load/shoot 1 at a time
  • Only chest and head were guaranteed kills
  • crossbows were used allot witch means chances are your enemy had one to



Early shields a light but non penetrable wood wrapped in leather but in the middle ages they were steel some shields had a guige. A guige was a strap so that you could throw a shield over your shoulder so you can use it when you want it. Some knights carried shields that reflected thier personality so they could put thier own design on it but it would cost you extra buck$. all shields had to be non penetrable but light. Shields were often a symbol of a knights honour or other times people just wanted to survive. Most shields had to be able to carry easily. Sometimes kingdom's flags were on the front of a shield. The kite shaped shield was awkward.