medieval project section 7# ROLE OF WOMEN

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(left image) website from "", called "Lady with the Ermine" by Leonardo Da Vinci. (center image)From "". Can see a image of Noble womens hunting deer. (right image) From "".Image of Queen Isabella I.

“For your better future”. (Education)
Lim, H. writes about the interview, with one marvellous girl. She is the youngest daughter of one of well known comparatively noble men, Lord Stephan. She is going to inform us about her habit of learning style. "Hello, my name is Alice. As you know, I came here to share about my education environment, and compare other girl's life and education style with mine. There is a good news for us. Specially, to who wants to get educated. I learn how to read and write from my tutors. He is one of my father's trustful men. My mother is one of the great teachers I met. She teaches me how to use the spin wool, and to make clothes. She taught me how to sew clothing and embroider to make beautiful embroidery. She also thought me how to be a great wife and mother. She taught me how to do the house works, and teaches me how to take care of my husband and my children, when I get older. Before when I was young. She used to tell me some existing stories, and built up my imagination. I Know how to dance and sing and how to hunt and ride horse. And I think that is all the things I learned in my life so far. Now I am going to talk about other girls by meaning peasant girls who I knew for a long time. She is a second oldest daughter of her family. It seems like she doesn't know how to read and write. It seems like it is impossible for her to get educated like me. Her family is too poor to afford her to get educated, and also she has no times to get educated, because she has much labour all day long. I think she learned how to work from her sister and her mother, by watching them. Her mother probably taught her how to cook and sew and take care of animals. It's also her jobs to do house working too. I feel very lucky that I wasn't her. Because her parent and seems to care about our education am so glad that I was one of the members of our family, because I found out almost every family in our suites is thinking girls don't need to get educated. It's because they couldn't afford it, and there is to many kids to take care of. I feel so lucky that I am a member of our family, and my parent actually cares about my education and my futures. The reason I came out here to interview was because I have a hope and a dream to make a place where we as a woman could learn how to read and write, and teach you the most basic things. We Built a school where we can learn, like in other cities. I need you to help us to build the school. The only thing you have to do is just be our first guest. So please visit our school it's almost free to attend the classes. Don't forget, it's your responsibility to take care of your own future."

“love doesn't matter”. (Marriage)
By Joo, D.
Are you the ones, who're getting exhausted of being a right less about your marriage?
Well.... Then join us. This group is just made for you.
There is a new organization pioneering up for women in our city, just to advance your personal right. Peasant women might be able to choose their own lover, and marry their love ones. However, Women from the wealthy families do not possess much variety. They have to marry whoever their parents required to marry. It does not matter if they do not like each other it is more important to bring wealthy families together. It's also their honour and reason why their parents probably raised them. Love wasn't really meant to be for them. Most of noble brides were married in very young age. Their parents have to afford the dowry and offerings such as clothes, pots, linen, and far animals to husband for marrying their daughter. but men don't need to give any gift for her. Noble women should not get married in this young age. They shouldn't get married until they're over 18. Girls from poor families get married after work really hard in such a difficult job. To afford their marriage gift for their husband and to raise more money in their future husband's pocket. This is not very fair. So, if you are exhausted of not having a choice in when or who you marry come to our first group meeting Thursday at 3PM!

Right and Status of Women. (Right & status)
Reported by Joo, D.
Women should have everything being identical rights as men.
Women are strong enough to control themselves. We do not need our husband or fathers to control us. Why should we be beaten by our husband if we didn’t to do what was told? Women should share their jobs with their husband and be more equals with their husbands. We are people with feelings, and we should not get treated with pieces of property. Don’t you want to have your own rights? If you want all of these changes come and join us, we meet every Tuesday at the church of in town. Remember if you wanted to earn something, then you need to fight for it, to get that thing. To please join our group and let stand for our eminent rights! We can do it as the group! Join us!

“On strike until we get what we deserve”! (Women & Wives role)
Lim Hokyun writes his report, On Thursday morning to evening. I can feel everything stopping for a moment. You can smell kayos in everywhere, and could hear shouting, and noises all around the centre of the city hall, yelling and shouting for their right. Every single woman became together with the same belief, and now their fighting for their better life. All the women whom you can see are all the members of the group W. ink. Today I am going to tell you why they decided to make this mess. But before that, I am going to introduce the leader of this mess, ms . Joan. She became the leader of this group after the original leader of this group was found dead on the white rock hill street. Mrs. Joan was a nun before. She was the second oldest daughter of a peasant Man. She was sent to church and became a nun when she was only five years old. According to her that if you want to be a nun, then you have to cut the culmination with the world. Every nun might have a chance to get well educated. And I think that’s why She became a nun. However, one day she found out how unfair the world that, she was living. when she became more educated. she joined this group, after she somehow got out of the church. The point we are trying to make while striking is to show what happened to our community if they stop working. I personally think that, peasant families are going to be more damaged than other men, because peasant women have to do all kinds of different jobs to feed their family in healthy condition. It was the woman's jobs to grow vegetables, and had to go to the mountains to get wild fruits and berries. It was also women's jobs preparing the food, and raise animals to get their meat, milk, butter and cheese. Some things that peasant man does are to make crops and harvest in the fields, but if their isn’t enough boys to help farming, then the woman also has to do that labour. Women, including the nobles and peasant women have to take care their kids, and it was their responsibility to take a good care of their house hold. If you were a peasant woman then you need to do every house works by yourself, when noble women just have to commend their servants to do the work. It was also woman's job to pay money to Servants for hard work. The biggest thing a women can do for our society is to be a great mother and a wife. Giving birth mean a lot to a women. It was their most important job to produce babies and to raise them. Being a woman is not as easy as it seems. Women might have, but probably don’t have done many impose jobs like fighting and working in the fields. Women did as much work as men. However, they do not really get anything back from what they deserve. So please understand us on strike. And they will still be striking, until we get what we deserve.... forever.

"The greatest leader above all".(Bio of queen Isabella)
Reported by Lim, h.
Dr. S one of the greatest historians will inform us about his research. “Hello, my name is Dr. Schubert Van Petrus. I am here to inform you about our greatest, justice and loveliest the women in our history. Queen Isabella... she was born in April 22, 1451, In the beautiful city of Madrigal De Las Altas Torres, from her mother Isabella, a princess of the Portugal. Her father, John 2nd, the king of Castile died when she was only three years old. So her oldest brother Henry 4th became the king of Castile. However, there was huge force that was against him, and they thought her brother Henry, wasn't good enough to be a king. So there were some noble and forceful people who wanted her to be a queen. Conversely, she refused that chance and said she wouldn't be the queen, until her brother is dead. So Henry promised her that after he dies, he would let her to be the queen of Castile. So later, she actually became the queen of Castile. However, before that she married Ferdinand, the oldest prince of Aragon. Later he also became the king of Aragon after his father died. And so Ferdinand's couples lead the two kingdoms. After they got the highest position, they started to reorganize their kingdoms court and admonition of justice, and tried their best to make a better life for powerless citizens. Isabella also united different types of coins to only one type of coin, so it's easier to trade things. She created a new organization called the holy brotherhood, which was one of the types of military force. She also empowered some forceful people, who the Isabella couple thought they were getting too strong. She was well known as Isabella the catholic. She got that name from Pope Alexander 5th. She was that much faithful in god. However, she wasn't always that merciful with every group of people. She decided to kill or chase every person who wasn't catholic, so a lot of Jews got killed. After she reorganized her kingdoms, she declared a war between Granada, the kingdom, that was conquered by Arabic. In the end she won the war, and she conquered Granada, and unified Spain. After the war She met Christopher Columbus. As you know, he discovered America. However, if it wasn't queen Isabella. That discovery might have been impossible. After Columbus returned to Spain in 1493. He brought some gold, silver, spices and treasures with him. He also brought few native people who lived in America. Isabella died on Nov. 26, 1504 in Medina Del Campo. However, before she died, she had hopes and requests. It was about native people getting treated well as her citizen. She tried her best to protect them. She even made a law that was against people abusing natives. Sadly, that didn't happen very well. However, she is the still is the most effective women ruler. She was most modernly well organized and was a justice ruler. And because of her, Spain successfully became a powerful country. And because Columbus found America. Spain could have begun their golden ages. There was always a lot of trials and people who were against her, but she always won and became the always the strongest. One thing for sure that I know, is that she was and still is the greatest and successful women in our history.” he said....

"Did she really get killed because of that"? (Bio of Joan of Arc)
Reported By Joo, D. Reported on May 31th 1412.
Joan of arc is dead! It’s with a great sadness that I am writing this obituary about an extraordinary woman. Joan of Arc was born in 1412 as a young French peasant girl. When she was thirteen she claimed to hear the voice of saints telling her that she would save France. And in many ways she did. She led the French army to many victories. Unfortunately, the French army experienced a maser loss which caused them to lose faith in Joan of Arc. When the enemy captured her, French did nothing to save her. She was handed over to the Church’s court for a trial. The court found Joan of Arc guilty for lying about hearing the voice of saints. However, it is that the only reason why she dies, or are there more stories behind the court. There some theories about her death, and why they killed her. There is one theory that says they killed her because she was which. However, is that true that she was actually a witch? Alternatively, was it just a simple excuse to kill her? Well, it doesn't really matter now if she is a witch or not. In Yesterday, if you like it or not she was tragically burned alive at the young age of nineteen. The great warrior of France already become to ashes and, is now gone for ever. For people who wanted to join us to celebrate her after lives, then meet us at the church on four o’clock on Sunday.

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Both left and center images is by Vincent Van Gogh, "left one is called Peasant Woman Digging" and the other one is called
"Peasant Woman Winding Bobbins". (left) Website from "". (center) From "".
(right) Can see a image of noble lady practicing her writing. From ""